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Meet the Pinkpops Branding Co. Team

Ayumi and her team use their passions to help other business owners nail down a brand and website design that is crisp, tasteful, and luxurious. Together, we give life to your dreams, and confidence to launch your fully inspired business.

Ayumi -  Founder & Designer

Between my experience in branding and website design, I've spent the last 10 years hyper-focused on supporting other women. And I LOVE it! I’ve had the privilege to serve hundreds of female business owners as they branch out to create their own brands. It has truly become my passion to uplift, encourage, and empower women as they build their businesses from the ground up.

Are you ready to transform your business with me through brand and website design?

Chanuka - Designer

Chanuka is a designer and illustrator based in the vibrant surroundings of Sri Lanka. With over four years of experience, Chanuka has a passion for working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. A lover of all things design, Chanuka takes joy in watching a brand identity come to life, from the initial creative spark to the final polished product. In addition to design, Chanuka finds inspiration in various artistic pursuits and is dedicated to bringing a unique touch to every project.

Meet Our Preferred Partners

Michelle - Copywriter

Michelle from The Key Real Estate Resources is the face behind the content that is going to bring consistent messaging to your brand. Michelle lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, two wonderful daughters, and quite frankly a mini zoo. She is a huge fan of coffee mugs, late-night work sessions, and her mini-library. She’s an avid reader and lives for strategy board games. Professionally, She’s been writing for 7 years and focuses on blogs, social media, and website content. She has dabbled in just about every niche and works hard to bring your story to life and make a lasting connection with your audience.

Renee - SEO Specialist 

Renee from Reneh Designs is an SEO and Pinterest Consultant for creatives and recently became the first SEO professor at Drexel University. She loves working with small businesses and watching them reach their ideal clients and grow organically. She lives in Philadelphia with her Siberian Husky sidekick and her husband, and on the side, she runs a travel photography site, reads classics and historical fiction, cares for her succulent and herb gardens, and experiments with spicy recipes in the kitchen.

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